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SEO Copywriter (freelance or part-time) English


As a copywriter, you optimise web texts for search engines (SEO) using iPower’s own analysis program: SEO Page Optimizer. For a specific keyword, this program compares the content of a web page with that of the best scoring competing web pages in Google. Your goal: to (re)write web content that matches the characteristics of the best scoring competing web pages, in form and content, taking into account the human user through f. i. calls-to-action.




  • Good communication skills;
  • Independent, organised and disciplined;
  • Interest in and good knowledge of the internet and what it means for companies;
  • Experience in writing web content for both human users and search engines;
  • Basic knowledge of html is required, not to program, but to recognize html – and leave it undisturbed during the writing process;
  • Of course a perfect knowledge of the English language is a must.




  • A competitive salary;
  • Regular assignments after a trial-period;
  • Self-managed working time.


Something for you?

SEO Page Optimizer is available free of charge (one analysis per day) – if this piques your interest as a copywriter, you can test it and determine if writing content according to specific requirements appeals to you.


How to apply?

Are you the person we are looking for? Send your CV and two examples of, or two links to, web content written by you to: For more information, call +32 0491/37.47.02.


Write web texts that score in Google

Use SEO Page Optimizer free of charge to analyse how your web page scores in Google and learn how to improve it to reach a top position.


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