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Want to know if your site is optimized for search engines? Try SEO Page Optimizer now! SEO Page Optimizer is an online keyword checker tool that tells you how your page is doing for its keyword in relation to the SEO keyword on pages doing best for your SEO term. It’s an effective SEO checker.  So you know, for each point analyzed, whether your Google SEO work is good or if you’ve improvements to make. SEO Page Optimizer tells you how to improve your SEO for rankings, plus a keywords selection to use.


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Secure better visibility using Keyboost for your website pages in Google’s SERPs ranking. Keyboost’s technicians will research related sites that are well ranked by the search engine and use them to place dynamic links to your page. Your site gets better ‘credit’ and better rankings. Using Keyboost, you can generally reach the first 10 results in the Google search pages. Try Keyboost for free. Register and fill out our online form for better SEO.

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The indexing of a site by the search engines relies on analysis of your site by robots. Google uses multiple algorithms. To learn more how your SEO and keywords translate to SEO success, subscribe to our free SEO newsletters on:

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Our consultants at SEO Page Optimizer can talk through your situation and assist with improving your Google rankings. Get in touch for an informal consultation. Email our human checkers at or call directly at +44 3308 084797.

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