Understanding how Google assigns each web page its SERPs is complex. We have carried out tests to develop a simple tool to audit the SEO content of each page.


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Google crawls every page and does its own audit to determine which query to deliver it to. The predominant signposts it uses are keywords. Our in-house tool allows you to ‘see’ as Google does.


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This is an instructional tool we’ve created and we provide it online, for one free analysis per day. To use it, input your target keyword, your URL and your language and target country. It will deliver a report to improve keyword and related words use. The better you follow its guidance, the higher you get in the SERPs. Intrigued? Try now for free!



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If you’d like a full SEO analysis of your site, we’re here to help. We’ll run a SEO test, having analyzed your target customer and keyword terms. Contact us for help.


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If you’re finding it hard to rank higher, we can raise your organic search rankings with our Keyboost SEO tool. Most customers see their pages rise within a few weeks and it gives a more powerful and affordable result than Google AdWords (PPC). We offer a free Keyboost trial per domain name, for one keyword. The website has to be in Google’s top 100 for a search with the keyword and the trial takes about a month. Click here to try out Keyboost to optimise your site for free!