At SEO Page Optimizer, we’ve clocked up over 15 years of experience and our development and knowledge has happened apace with that of the Internet. We’re proud to have earned a reputation as one of the best European agencies in the area of SEO (and here we’re referring to both search engine optimisation – and SEM – search engine marketing).  By tapping into our expertise and insight, we’ll help you win a top position in Google’s organic results. We’ve plenty of do-it-yourself practical tips below as well as guidance as to how to get full benefit from the two free easy-to-use online tools our company technicians have developed.



The two essential DIY website optimization tools developed by our agency


The first is SEO Page Optimizer, which enables you to grade and improve your website content by showing you the errors you’re making. You can then use the report and follow the instructions to better optimize each individual page. The second is Keyboost, which helps you generate high-quality and relevant backlinks to your site to increase your rankings. This is performed without your having to alter your content at all. Keyboost’s company experts will research for you the best sites from which to obtain backlinks.

Backlinks are quality signals of endorsement that Google rates highly. The more you have from sites with a relevance to yours, the higher up the SERPS your website will go. Getting a well-optimized site will mean you’ll soon start to see real results. The kind of visitors that land upon your site will be those with a genuine interest in what you’re offering. So they’ll be more ready to ‘convert’ – in other words do what you want them to do: sign up, buy or register etc, and finally to boost your revenue generation.


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Why choose our UK-based SEO company?


Our UK company will work with you to bring all the multiple aspects of your website’s visibility and ranking power up to optimum performance. We’re committed to providing you with your best possible organic results for a sustainable and competitive position within Google. We offer our services (which can also include SEM) in a single package that can be implemented step by step according to your needs. We’ll work with you first on structuring the content of your website to make sure that it’s perfectly optimized for natural indexing. When we do this, our specialists will always focus on both optimizing your web pages for search engines as well as for actual Internet users.


To clarify what SEM (search engine marketing) is, this is generally buying commercial links to your site or landing page which get shown on the pages results of search engines and on their affiliated sites. This is also known as SEA (Search Engine Advertising). The use of Google AdWords is probably the SEA or PPC (pay per click) strategy you’ll be familiar with. You can take advantage of search engine marketing to attract new company visitors to convert; SEM sells your company products, SEM builds your company brand exposure and SEM wins you company visitors that would otherwise have gone to your close company competitors. It’s quite possible however to build up your company visibility without using SEM by getting your on-page optimization strong. A thorough audit will make it clear how successful your website is in general with optimization. Once you’re in possession of this information, you can alter, improve and optimize your existing content for search optimization. It’s usually best to do this first using your highest-traffic webpages and then gradually improve those with less visitors.

As everyone knows, natural indexing is long-term work that you have to continue to build upon. That’s why our company will establish a relationship of trust with you by sending you regular reports and feedback so you can check the progress of our work and see the actual optimization results for yourself. We have specialized experience with helping companies with their optimization so that they can rank higher and drive more targeted traffic to their websites. We’ll talk to you in detail so that we have a full understanding of your optimization and business goals so that you can be sure you’re getting the best value from our optimization services. We understand that you want measurable results in terms of your sources of traffic, visitor volumes, and search engine positions and we deliver this to you in clear and timely fashion. We’ll keep you entirely up-to-date on the positioning of your pages as we progress through the different stages of your website optimization project methodically and meticulously



Tried and testing optimisation techniques for better ranking


Our company focuses on SEO techniques. Optimization involves a mixture of techniques that aim at positioning a website as high as possible in search engine results. It involves major areas such as the technical elements and infrastructure of your site, including domain name and coding. We’ll examine your download speeds (loading speed is an important ranking factor for Google) as well as how responsive or mobile friendly your site is (also essential today with Google). We’ll also assist you with content optimization of each individual page and your development of all-important backlinks.



Test out our free SEO page analysis tool


Our company has developed a unique do-it-yourself page analysis tool called SEO Page Optimizer. It allows you to analyze any single page on your website to determine how it’s performing for your target keyword. The online tool allows you to check the pages of your website to see how you need to alter their content to get better optimization results immediately. You can try this free optimization tool at any time and for any page of your site. We offer everyone on free webpage analysis per day. If you need more analyses, you can simply order them online and get on with your optimization faster. Try the free tool now


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How does the SEO Page Optimizer tool actually work?


SEO Page Optimizer is a web page analysis tool that allows you to measure your optimization effectiveness. It then gives you actionable information you can use to optimize it page by page. All you have to do is register and activate your account to access the analysis of your pages (you’ll get one free page analysis per day). You then type in your web page URL (or upload your HTML file) and the desired keyword to receive your in-depth analysis of it. 

Why not test it out on one of your pages now? For each element of your web page, you’ll receive point-by-point crystal-clear directions on how to move forward to get that page higher up in the search results. It’s vital to know that not every placement of a keyword carries the same weight. There are certain ‘on-page’ positions on your website that Google will pay more attention to when it’s trying to determine what your company webpages are about and our tool will highlight the best ones for your particular company website.



The page elements you need to focus on to get found


The most critical places to optimize for your chosen keywords on your site are these:

  1. Titles
  2. Descriptions
  3. Headings and Content
  4. Images Titles and Alt Text
  5. URLs


If you haven’t paid attention to optimizing these on-page positions on your web pages yet, it’s now time you did. It may seem fiddly work but it will reap you genuine optimization results in the long term. Our Page Optimizer analyzes all of the following:

  1. Title tag
  2. Meta description
  3. Meta keywords
  4. Headers (H1, H2, H3 etc)
  5. Body text
  6. Words in bold
  7. Anchor text
  8. Alt information
  9. Formatting of characters: small, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, etc


The online tool that our Internet optimization company has produced also supplies you with a powerful list of related keywords to use in addition to your main keyword to optimize your SEO. Click here to try SEO Page Optimizer for free and find out the mistakes you’re making now! If you have any questions about SEO Page Optimizer, you can contact us here at and +44 3308 084797.



Got your keywords right?


Your keywords are the specific words and phrases in your website content that allow people to land on your site through their search engine query. A website that is well optimized for Google will not only use the same terminology as its target visitors but will have them correctly positioned in the different elements of the text to signal their importance to the search engines. Keywords are a foundational element of optimization. Need more tips?.

So what does that mean in practice when you’re setting about writing the content of any page on your website if you’re going to succeed with optimization? It means that you have to have researched how people are going about their search for your products, services or information. You can help them find you by doing this. Get it wrong, they’ll end up on one of your many other competing pages in the search engine results.

That’s why keyword research is the first place to start when your goal is to have your site rank before those of your competitors. Everyone’s goal in other words! So creating a list of keywords (short-tail or long-tail) is a main starting point for anyone in any search engine optimization effort. It’s not a part of optimization in which guesswork will move you forward. There are many tools that can help you create an accurate list of relevant keywords and related terms appropriate to your niche.


Google Keywords Planner, ostensibly designed to help customers set up AdWords is free to use, and will get you on the right track for best optimization with good suggestions and indication of your keywords’ popularity and competition. Google Autosuggest is a good starting point too. Type in your keyword and it will suggest to you other long-tail keywords related to yours that people are actively searching for. If the work seems daunting, there are keyword research companies that will help you do this. In other words, keywords are the cornerstone of your optimisation work. So your time and investment will be repaid in your ranking results time after time if you can make certain your keywords are firstly, relevant to your audience, and secondly, relevant for the search engines – by that we mean positioned in the correct on-page elements of your webpage.

Don’t be tempted to overuse your keywords. This is known as keyword stuffing and it’s not well seen by Google. Search engines are now very sophisticated. You might think that by repeating your keyword time and time again that you’re doing your best for optimization. You’re not! It will look spammy and won’t help your optimization efforts in the least. The best advice is to use your website company keywords and related words (synonyms) in a natural way for optimization in your body text and in the on-page elements we recommend above. Using your keywords correctly for optimization is both an art and a science and to get a good steer on this for your company website, follow the advice of our online tool. But, if you prioritise your user experience, and ask yourself how well will this read to my visitors, you’ll be taking the right tack. So remember, human visitors first; search engines second.

See how you’re doing by running one of your pages through our SEO page checker here for free.

Good luck with your optimization!



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The easy way to backlinks to boost your website for Google


The second tool our company has developed is Keyboost. This is an online optimization tool that raises your backlink profile and makes you more visible in the search engine results. Why do backlinks matter to SEO? Well, as well as writing strong keyword-rich and keyword-relevant optimization content, it’s crucial to win backlinks from other web pages. These types of links are known as How does external links. But the links to your website must be relevant to your visitors and in a similar niche. Importantly, these links should come from websites of high standing to be better indexed by Google.


How does Keyboost work? Our company team will analyze your website and its content and then will explore dynamic link opportunities for you only on relevant sites that Google sees as having a high trust value. You can then expect your web page improve in the SERPs in terms of optimization within a matter of weeks. Keyboost gets more effective results for our company clients than Google Adwords and is much cheaper.

We will send you a progress report within a few weeks so you can see for yourself the difference Keyboost is making to your position within Google. Naturally, you can check this yourself from your Google Analytics account as well. How effective is it? We get very impressive results. It will depend on your starting point but our company clients frequently go from the 10th to the 1st position, from the 3rd to the 1st page or from the 5th to the 3rd page.


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Why bother with backlinks at all?


Well, to put it simply, they’re said to be one of Google’s most important ranking factors. They indicate your popularity and every one is a vote of approval from the Internet. The right type of links will help get you found and will direct referral traffic to your website. Links also act as pathways for search engines to assist them in locating all of the content on your site and then to index that content. And remember, the more you’re indexed, the higher up the SERPs you’ll go. But it’s good quality links you need for optimization. The number and quality of the backlinks to your site help decide what is known as your Page Rank (this is how important Google thinks your website is). Your Page Rank, in turn, helps Google assess your rank for many search optimization terms. Keyboost can help you do this and better still, it’s free to trial so why not see the difference it can make to your SEO and SERPs results now.


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Slow and steady content routes to backlink building


How do you build up your backlinks organically? Start with the content on your own site and make it valuable and informative for your users. The better it is, the more other website owners are likely to want to link out to it to help their own visitors. You are the expert in the area that your website covers so use that expertise to the max. In the UK, it’s certainly Google you should focus on for optimization. Why? Because it’s the leading search engine in the UK with a hefty 83.49% of the desktop, tablet and console search engine market. Should you worry about the other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo!? Not too much we would suggest as they only have 11% and 3.8% of the same market respectively. Make your SEO starting point getting your optimization efforts up to scratch for Google.

Create regular in-depth and comprehensive blogs for optimization in the search engines that are packed with information and facts and share them on your social media platforms. The ‘numbered list post’ is usually easy to compile and very versatile for optimization: 15 ways to get your child to sleep through the night; 10 sure-fire techniques to banish weeds from your lawn; 5 strategies to follow to keep your dog disease-free etc. Use infographics and make them shareable via social media with an embed code. Don’t forget to link out to other blogs out there that are relevant to your blog too.

The Internet is a share-share resource. Offer to write guest blogs on websites that have a direct connection to the subject on yours and ask for a do-follow link. Keep an eye on the news for anything topical that’s relevant to your subject area and publish an article with your take on it. It will help your company with optimization. Make sure you have social sharing buttons or widgets installed on your site. Google sets a high score by social signals – if your blog is getting shared, it’ll notice and rank you higher in its search results.

Writing strong blogs position you as a subject matter expert which is good for optimization. Try and get yourself perceived as a thought leader in your industry sector. The more good content you can place online, the better for optimization because it will mean the more your business will come up in the search engine results to your potential target customers. Another easy optimization tip. Get your business details listed in relevant online directories for maximum optimization and make sure that all the information about your business is the same in each – such as the address, opening hours and telephone numbers etc. Google sets store by online listings as they show that your business is genuine. This means your business is more likely to be found within a local search engine and on Google maps. It’s a quick and easy optimization tactic.

Use social media to the full to help with your optimization strategy. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all allow you to be very targeted with who gets sight of your content via a customized audience. That’s a big plus for optimization. Link building does not have to be complex if you understand the correct strategies for linking and are able to research relevant sites to link to and make contact with other website owners. But it does take time. We would never recommend that you employ the linking services of so-called ‘link farms’. These are link building service suppliers who operate ‘black hat’ tactics. In other words, they offer you backlinks in large quantities that are not appropriate to your site. Beware of these. Many of these suppliers will position random links on your website that Google will see as spam. We don’t approve or recommend any form of link farming at our company. Ours is a specialized link building service and our technicians use a custom and tailored approach for each of our clients. With our backlinking service, you can generally expect to see a hike in your SERPs position within just a few weeks.

Here’s the process we follow:

  1. We look at your industry sector and niche and find the most relevant sites for your business from which to build your link profile.
  2. We provide you with recommendations for your keyword use for your links and often propose you use different keyword strings.
  3. We conscientiously and carefully find for you sites of relevance and authority to link to your website. We take a circumspect approach as we are aware that poor quality links will not help you ranking.
  4. We prioritize development of a slow-built gradual link profile. Unexpected growth of inappropriate links would not help you in Google’s eyes.
  5. We position quality dynamic links only to websites of relevance and worthwhile Page Rank.
  6. We send you monthly reports on your link building progress.


Do you still need personalized advice?


Overwhelmed? Not sure you can manage this with a DIY approach? Our friendly company consultants are available to talk through your specific company website circumstances. They will help you with an initial site audit and then assist you with your page content improvements and search engine optimization marketing strategy. If you would like to see how we can help, get in touch with us for an informal consultation. Email us at or call +44 3308 084797.

Would you like to know more about our London-based SEO company? The home page of our SEO company website is the best place to start to find out about our company’s varied SEO services. We’re an SEO company that began over 15 years ago and we’ve established a name for ourselves as a versatile SEO agency that helps UK and European companies boost their online presence using a range of SEO techniques, including SEO and SEM. SEO is the cornerstone of any business success today and we can help you in either a DIY SEO fashion or give you tailored SEO support. 


Why not try out the free online SEO tools we’ve developed in-house to give your company website a SEO boost: SEO Page Optimizer or Keyboost? We’ll work with you to determine what you need in terms of your optimization. Is it a one off audit that you’re in need of? Or do you require help with your online visibility moving forward? Perhaps you require assistance with link building strategies or your SEM or PPC management? On the other hand, you may not be quite certain what services you need to increase your online visiblity. We’ll work with you to pin down exactly what needs to be done.

If you have a clear goal such as needing to boost sales or enquiries by 40% over the next 6 months, we’ll help determine a strategy that will give you the results you need. We are very supportive of having measurable goals. That way we both know what we’re setting out to achieve. We’ll assess your industry sector and niche and your brand positioning and your strengths and weaknesses to help us agree the best path forward for your business success.

Having an outside eye on a business you’re undoubtedly close to is an advantage. We may well be able to spot opportunities you are missing and we’ll use our specialist expertise to take full advantage of these for you. We’re not in the business of helping you win short-term gains. We’re here to get you long-term results. There are only 10 top positions in Google. So we work on the basis that if you’re not where you want to be all the time, then your business will be losing out …