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So you’ve created your new website and you’re ready to welcome all the new traffic that’s on its way to it? Except that it’s just not coming – at least not in the volumes you were expecting? So you’re probably wondering: “What’s the most important factor to rank number one in Google?” This isn’t an easy question to answer. It will involve SEO factors related to your brand, current situation and the competitiveness of the topics that you’re looking to win visibility for. But one thing’s for sure. While Google uses over 200 SEO indicators to determine how it ranks your website, there are two indicators that have more weight than all the others when it comes to getting to a high position in Google. These are your on-page and off-page SEO. Are there SEO tools that will help with these crucial elements? The good news is that the answer is yes. Which are the best SEO tools to help you do this? We have two easy to use and free tools that will allow you to tackle both these aspects of your SEO. What is SEO? It’s the combination of techniques you use to make your website most accessible and findable to Google and the other search engines. SEO is the make or break of every website. If you haven’t optimized your website correctly, then attracting the right high-quality visitors will never happen. This is where SEO – or search engine optimization – comes in.



Get the support you need to boost your online visibility


We have devised two SEO tools that will help you get your website indexed higher: SEO Page Optimizer and Keyboost. Both of them are free to trial. These two Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services developed by our SEO experts allow you to quickly and easily test your pages for effective solutions to improve your SEO and get you to the top of Google’s search results pages. Simply click on the links to try them for free and read on for more detail as to how each of these free tools work. Try the Page Optimizer for free. Try Keyboost for free.



Discover our SEO company’s expertise


Our SEO agency is one of Europe’s most successful. We have offices in London and we’re part of an established larger group with a presence in the Netherlands, France and Belgium too. We’ve been operating for more than 15 years, helping businesses in all these countries achieve the cost-effective and sustainable online SEO visibility they need. Our team of SEO and website experts have been working in the SEO sector for many years and we’ve honed our methods and knowledge as SEO methods have evolved (and continue to evolve). Over this time, in addition to the one-on-one SEO consultancy we offer website owners and businesses, we have formulated our two DIY tools:

  1. Keyboost, to assist you in building your all-important backlinks and:
  2. SEO Page Optimizer, an onpage tool, to help you restructure your page content and meta-data so that it is optimized for both Google and real people.

Both are free and simple to use – click on the links to see for yourself or read on for more detail.



The SEO fundamentals you need to know to get found online


SEO is a broad topic that leaves many people flummoxed but it’s not rocket science. There are simple DIY SEO steps you can take to improve your online visibility and get your house (or website) in order from the get-go. While SEO can seem overwhelming, the good news is that with a little learning and dedication, you can achieve a lot yourself for your website that will get ahead of your competition. Better still, we have two SEO tools to help you do that. So let’s break it down. Let’s look first at the two principal pillars of your SEO. These are your on-page SEO and your off-page SEO. They are different and both are vital to the success of your SEO campaign. On-page SEO concerns the actions you can take within your website to optimize it for search engines and this is mainly about how you structure and plan its content. To perfect your on-page SEO, you can make use of our free SEO tool SEO Page Optimizer. Off-page SEO, however, is about the SEO actions you can take externally to your website to help increase your rankings, and this is mainly about the number and quality of backlinks to your website. To achieve quality and relevant backlinks, you can make use of our free SEO tool Keyboost.



On-page SEO support to expand your visibility


On-page SEO starts with optimizing each of your individual website pages for the target keywords you have (hopefully) identified for each one. How are you ranking for your target keywords? Say you’re a dentist who specializes in corrective braces for children and you’re based in Dorking, an example of a focus keyword phrase for one of your web pages might be ‘orthodontic services for children in Surrey’. Say you run a car servicing and repairs business in Leeds, an example of a focus keyword phrase for one of your web pages might be ‘affordable MOT testing in Leeds area’. Look at your site. How are you indexed by Google for your target keyword phrases? Does your website appear in Google’s top 10 for your keyword phrase? Or better still in the first five results? Your SERP position matters. Do you know why and its relationship to your SEO? Most web searchers won’t go further than the first five listings on a search engine results page (SERP). According to a reliable study, over 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five listings. If you’re on the first page of Google, however, you’re doing well. Websites on the first search engine results page receive almost 95% of web traffic. But if you’re on page two, you can’t hope for much. You’ll only receive 5% of traffic, if that. So what can you do? First of everything, get your keywords right, and secondly, use them in the right SEO places in your content to indicate to search engines that your website can help a searcher answer their question. There are a number of key places where you can use keywords on your website in the copy and in the meta-data to indicate to Google which pages on your site you want to rank for which keywords and there’s more detail on the specifics of this below. Have you got your keywords in the most valuable places in your website content? Run one of your web pages now through our on-page service SEO Page Optimizer and see your instant report.



Keyword strategy: your all-important SEO starting point


For best SEO, you should avoid aiming, for example, for generic terms such as ‘orthodontic services’ or ‘MOT testing’. Instead, think, what are your customers really like to be typing in? Use a SEO keyword research tool to pin down the all-important long-tail keywords for your site or offering. You should be aiming for those with higher traffic and lower competition. There are lots of keyword research tools: some are free and some are paid for. Used correctly, the tools will help you turn your generic term into one that is more powerful to drive traffic to you. Generally you do this by either adding a modifier (in the example above ‘for children in Surrey’ is the modifier to ‘orthodontic services’ or making them location specific (in the example above ‘in Leeds area’ is the location-specific phrase to ‘affordable MOT testing’). Why’s this important? Because the higher the competition there is for a keyword, the tougher it will be for your website to get the crucial organic results and rank on page 1. By focusing on the long-tail keywords (and synonyms of these) that are specific to your business, you’ll have a better chance of being discovered by your target web users who need your product or service. You might be thinking that doing this will reduce your number of your website visitors? You’re right. But the ones you will be attracting will be more of the kind of visitors likely to have a genuine interest in your website. They are more likely to ‘convert’ ie. enquire about your services, sign up to your newsletter, ask for an estimate etc. Here is a simple tip. When it comes to getting down to your keyword research, don’t forget Google Suggest – also known as Google Auto-complete. While it’s not exactly designed a keyword research tool, it will give you some fresh ideas for long-tail keywords. Google Suggest is what you see when you start typing in a search term and Google brings up suggestions before you’ve finished typing. The suggestions that Google gives you all come from its data on how people really search so the information will be ‘real’ searches that your potential customers could be typing in. So it’s one of the best tools that’s free to use and it’s well worth tapping into if only to stimulate your ideas and broaden your understanding of the SEO terms people are using for search in your niche area. Finally, do not forget to listen too to your existing customers. Ask them what terms they thought of to end up on your site. What information do they value in your content and what are they missing? Which other keywords do they search for if they want to find more information? Your existing customers are a source of information that you should not forget when you start working with your site.



The most valuable SEO positions for your keywords


Once you’ve pinned down your core or primary keyword terms for your SEO, it’s time to start optimizing them in your on-page content. There are a few simple practices you can follow here to signal to Google the keywords for which you want that particular web page to rank for: Firstly, make sure you pay attention to your title tags and meta descriptions. Your title tag and meta description are the first part of your website content that searchers while view on a SERP. Using your core keyword phrases in both the title and meta description will allow you to rank higher for relevant search queries. Our service, which is specifically designed for optimizing on-page content, will do the legwork on this for you. Click to try out the Page Optimizer.For the most effective on-page SEO, you will need to use your keywords in all these places:

  1. the URL
  2. the menu
  3. the category pages
  4. the tags
  5. the breadcrumb paths
  6. the page title, also called the title tag
  7. the header(s) of the text
  8. the text itself, which we also call body
  9. the links to and from your website
  10. the filename and alt-tag of the images
  11. the meta-description. This is the two or three-line description that appears in the browser results. A well-written meta-description will be enticingly written to ensure that people click through to your site.



Free on-page SEO support you can dip into


So how do you know you’ve got your on-page SEO right? We can help. And for free. We’ve devised this smart online tool to fine-tune your content: Page Optimizer: To use it, (yes it’s really free), you need to type in your webpage URL and your target keyword. It’s that simple. This intelligent SEO tool will read through your content and show you how to re-format your content so that it’s optimized for maximum SEO effect. When you use this SEO tool, you will get guidance as to how to structure your content and, if necessary, reposition your keywords so that the Google bots can ‘read’ it properly. So while you concentrate on writing effective and relevant content to convert your visitors, the SEO tool will instruct you on what you need to change to make your text easy to find in Google. It even delivers you related keywords and synonyms that will make your page more effective. So you get support with the keyword research too. Try it out now for free and discover for yourself how easy it is to use the Page Optimizer. You’ll see performance results almost immediately.



How does our Page Optimizer actually analyze your pages?


Using our on-page SEO tool is simple. For each website page and keyword you provide, SEO Page Optimizer will analyze the content and deliver you with a detailed SEO report. In this you can see, point by point, the SEO strengths and weaknesses, of your page. For example, you get given a score by this SEO tool for your page tags, body text, anchor text and keyword use. For each search engine optimization (SEO) element, you also get information from this SEO tool about the number of words, the weight of the keyword, the value of related words, and a list with the keyword and related words. The on-page SEO tool also gives you the means to improve your SEO by telling you what you need to change to achieve better SEO results. The closer you get to its perfect score, the more your page will be optimized for search engines. For example, your page might contain 350 words but SEO Page Optimizer may tell you that you need to use 450 more words in your body text with six more usages of your keywords and three more related words to get a perfect SEO score.



Related words and synonyms


When you use your keywords, you should also be thinking up related words and variations of your keyword terms. They may be direct synonyms or they may be similar words to your keywords. When you use plenty of these, you not only make your article more likely to rank for your chosen keywords but you also help Google understand what the content on your webpage is all about. Synonyms make your copy deeper, more informative and more natural. Write down as many synonyms as possible which you can use for your page. So going back to our example of ‘orthodontic services for children’, you would aim to include phrases such as ‘corrective braces for children’s teeth’; ‘orthodontic care for teenagers’; ‘teeth straightening for children’ etc. Our SEO tool, SEO Page Optimizer, will automatically deliver you a list of the most relevant SEO synonyms for your keywords when you use it on one of your pages. Try the free service out now to get your personalized list of related words and synonyms for your specific keyword phrase.



Feel free to carry out several tests until you’ve got it nailed


It is important to perform a new SEO test after each optimization of your content. SEO Page Optimizer gives you one free analysis per day. So you can run a new test of your page each day using this SEO tool. But for real-time analysis of your SEO changes, you can also ask for more SEO Page Optimizer credits. You will be able to analyze your page as many times as you wish with the SEO tool so you’ll be equipped to follow closely your SEO progress.



The benefits of using our SEO Page Optimizer


  1. By using this SEO tool, your website optimization becomes much more easy to achieve, even if you are not an expert.
  2. SEO Page Optimizer forces you to think about good keywords. This makes your content more relevant to your audience.
  3. The structure of your website will get better. This not only affects the findability in Google, but your human visitors will also appreciate this user-friendliness.
  4. The tool gives immediate results, so you’ll quickly see more visits to your website.
  5. It can be used for more than 100 languages and as many countries.
  6. You receive one free analysis every day.
  7. If you need more analyzes, you can easily order them online.

Website optimization is free with SEO Page Optimizer. Try it yourself and see your search engine traffic grow. Why not try it out here?



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Free off-page support you can access for better visibility


Off-page SEO is all about the activity that goes on from outside your own website to boost your rankings within the search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves increasing the authority of your domain by securing links – which are basically votes of endorsement – from other websites. The more links you have coming into your website, the more important and popular your website gets seen by Google. And so the higher it will index it. If your content is useful and relevant, other websites will naturally be encourage to link to it. The Internet is designed as a ‘democratic’ tool: the more website owners help all users by sharing and linking to useful content on other sites, the more you will get back. On average, the higher up page one on Google a website is, the greater the number of linking domains that the website has.



The real value of backlinks for your success


Achieving backlinks is the crux of off-page SEO. Search engines analyze your backlinks as indications of the linked-to content’s quality. Not all backlinks are equal though. For Google to judge them as having genuine SEO value, they should come from other sites with some direct relevance to the topic of your site (perhaps they are in the same niche as you and use similar keyword phrases) and ideally from other popular sites that are of high authority and well-seen by Google. A website site with plenty of high value backlinks will usually rank better than a similar site with fewer or lower value backlinks. The second SEO tool we have to help you is called KeyBoost. It seeks out high-authority and relevant backlinks for your website and then secures the backlinks for your site. It’s an online SEO tool that allows you to boost any website page so that it gets a higher position in the search engine results pages without altering its content. Find out more about Keyboost by clicking here.



How does Keyboost work?


Keyboost is an online SEO tool that works by placing dynamic links from carefully selected sites for their Google positioning according to your chosen keyword. This helps to improve Google’s credit to your site to win you a better position in the natural search engine results. The effect is significant. Using Keyboost, typical results are that your site will rise from the 10th to the 5th page of the search results, from the 5th to the 3rd, or from the 3rd to the 1st page. It usually takes us around one month to achieve these results for each web page and we keep you posted on the results by email. You can also track them yourself in Google of course. Imagine, for example, you want to work on your SEO for your keyword phrase ‘orthodontic services for children in Surrey’ or whatever yours is? Say, right now, your website page is indexed on the 3rd page of Google’s results (in which case you’ll be getting few visitors!). After using Keyboost, your page will generally rise to the first page of Google’s results when users search for the keyword ‘orthodontic services for children in Surrey’ or whatever yours is, in the search engine.



How to use Keyboost yourself


To benefit from this smart service, all you need to do is 1) type in the target keyword phrase for which you want to boost your page and 2) type in your page’s URL. Our team of technicians then takes care of everything else. You can test the service for free. Click to try Keyboost. Here’s the process we follow when you use the Keyboost SEO tool:

  1. Our SEO consultants will examine your website’s sector and niche and seek out the most relevant sites for your business from which to build your new link profile.
  2. We supply you with recommendations for your keyword use for your backlinks and often propose you use different keyword strings.
  3. We take the time to find for you only sites of relevance and authority to link to your website. We do this with care as we know very well that poor quality links will not benefit your ranking.
  4. We always develop for you a slow-built gradual link profile. Sudden spurts of irrelevant links won’t add value in terms of Google.
  5. We place quality dynamic links only to websites of relevance and strong Page Rank.
  6. We email you monthly reports on your backlink and ranking progress.



What happens after your trial of our Keyboost link-building tool?


You can try Keyboost for free and without any obligation of commitment. Once your trial is over, we’ll give you a quote for us to continue doing the work to boost your website page and maintain your site’s new ranking position. This work is billed and terminable monthly. How much does it cost? It depends on how competitive the term you’re hoping to rank for is. But generally it’s far more affordable than PPC such as Google AdWords. If you’re not happy with the tool’s results and you are not seeing a ranking lift, you can end your contract at any time. We stand by our results however and hope you’ll take a look at our testimonials below.



Need more help and expertise from our team?


Our knowledgeable consultants are all friendly and direct. We’ll give straightforward, actionable advice. We are happy to analyze either your whole existing SEO strategy or simply the parts of it you don’t feel are working for you. Get in touch for an informal conversation about our services and see how we can better optimize your website and help you attract more customers. Got questions? Email us at and ‘+44 3308 084797.



Gain visibility with a strong Google ranking


The point of SEO tools is to help you improve your site’s performance to earn it a better position in Google’s results pages. The value of that good positioning is clear when you crunch the numbers. Almost 90% of people in the UK use Google as the main search engine for their internet searches. There are two types of results you see in Google’s results pages: Adwords ads (paid) and the organic results (these are the result of SEO), but most people only focus on the organic results. If you can succeed in positioning yourself in the first positions of the search results, then you have every chance of getting maximum visitors. More than 90% of visitors go to the sites listed on Google’s first page. The pages in the coveted first position of the organic results get a clickthrough rate of 32.5%. That means that out of 200 searches, they’ll receive 65 visitors. Second-place pages have a clickthrough rate of 17.6%. So out of 200 searches, they’ll receive 35 visitors. Pages in the tenth position of the first page have a clickthrough rate of just 2.4%. So out of 200 searches, this represents less than five visitors. So the message is clear. The closer you can get to the giddy heights of Google’s top 10, the more visitors you will have. Get your SEO nailed, and you’re much more likely to achieve this.



A clever tool for immediate ranking results


A website with strong SEO is a website that communicates well with Google or any other search engine. This means, among other elements, that your keywords are placed in essential places in the page. Your keyword placement is a fundamental of SEO. Keywords are the terms that Google users enter when they carry out an online search. When your web page answers that search, and Google can format that from the structure of your website, it will show your web page to the user. The higher you are in the search results, the greater the chance that a Google user will click through to your website. Keyword placement is therefore an essential part of website optimization: you’ll generate more traffic with it to your website. This sounds very technical, but once you know the important placement positions, it is simply a matter of using your keywords in the right places. In the end you will still be writing for your human customers but you will also be making your website more Google-friendly. You still have to make sure that you give your customers engaging and relevant information however. In this way they’re more likely to become interested in your offer, to convert, or come back for another visit. To get your keyword placement correct for both your real visitors and for the Google bots, you can get the help you need with our service, SEO Page Optimizer. Website optimization with this SEO tool works as follows:

  1. You enter your web page and type in the keyword you want to be found. Select the region and language of your choice.
  2. SEO Page Optimizer then compares your page with already well scoring web pages and looks at where your site deviates.
  3. You will then receive an extensive report. In it SEO Page Optimizer provides detailed instructions for the optimization of your website.
  4. The results of SEO Page Optimizer are immediately visible in Google.


Website optimization is easy with our practical tool. Discover it yourself. You can use the Page Optimizer for FREE once a day!



Backlinks and optimization


The more quality backlinks a website has, the more traffic it’s likely to get. Links from other reputable, popular and high-authority websites will improve the SEO ranking and optimization of your site. You can achieve these with the help of our smart Keyboost SEO tool. As we explained above, you can improve the content of your website with our tool SEO Page Optimizer. And if you want to improve the link profile of your website, you can make use of our SEO tool, Keyboost. Keyboost improves your link profile. By that we mean the number of links from relevant websites to yours. This is important. Each link to your website site is viewed by Google as a ‘vote’ or a public ‘seal of approval’ for your website. The more quality links you can achieve, the better your SEO ‘reputation’. Google rewards that reputation with a high position in the search results. But those links can’t be randomly placed. They must come from relevant websites. These sites must also have a good SEO reputation. In addition, the links must be optimized for your target keyword. Link building is not difficult, but it takes a lot of time. When you sign up to Keyboost, Keyboost’s technicians do the heavy lifting of link building and you will normally see yourself scoring higher in Google within under four weeks. Try Keyboost for free.



How link building with Keyboost works


  1. You provide us with your target keyword and web page url.
  2. We carry out online market research for your keyword.
  3. We identify suitable relevant websites in your niche area from which you would benefit by receipt of an inbound link and reach out to secure those links.

This way we optimize your link profile and within a few weeks you will be better off in the search engine results. Keyboost is a SEO tool that ensures the construction of a natural link profile. As a result, you will be placed higher in Google for the long run to attract continuous higher traffic volumes to your website. Keyboost gives a higher CTR than Google Adwords. That means more people will click through to your website. In addition, Keyboost is cheaper than Adwords. Not yet sure of the importance of link building for your website? Or of the power of Keyboost? The free Keyboost test means you can get a clear ideas of the kind of search engine improvement results that an investment in link building could bring you. It also means we can do the necessary groundwork to supply you with quote to continue with further linkbuilding for you, if you would like to have our Keyboost technicians continue to boost your site after your free trial. Sign up for the free Keyboost test. You will be impressed by the results and your improved position in the search engines.



Our full service


Discover which keywords you could be using for your site to perform better. Do you not have the time – or the knowledge – to get started with search engine optimization yourself? Then you can also opt for our complete SEO service. We offer a a complete package of SEO services to ensure that your website does what it should do: attract visitors and convert them into customers. Do you want to know more? Get acquainted with the service for free and request a comprehensive keyword search via this link. We normally research for you two types of keywords:

  1. The words for which you can optimize existing content without changing your website
  2. The words for which you could develop new pages

Based on this you can continue to work on optimizing your site. We now have clocked up 15 years of experience working with a big range of companies and organizations. We have developed extensive expertise in search engine marketing. By using our services, you can be sure that you are not only optimizing your website for Google, which is one half of the battle, but also for your visitors. Our service includes regular reports and feedback. Because of this you are always aware of the results that have been achieved. Find out more about our audits and packages here. Do you have questions? Email us at and ‘+44 3308 084797. We are available on workdays between 9am and 5pm.



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