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Search engine marketing and search engine optimisation are great ways to increase traffic to your website and to encourage conversion. But it’s by combining the two that you’ll get the best results. We’ll explain how to do this best. Many people, especially small business owners, often confuse these two marketing fields by thinking they are one and the same. It’s a conundrum and can be difficult to fathom. But, although they’re inherently connected, they are two very different tactics for improving your findability by Google’s search engine and the other big ones such as Bing and Yahoo!



Very different from paying for clicks


Optimize your pages for Google is a long term strategy. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. The term involves all the various actions you take to make sure your site is well placed in Google and each of the other search engines. You should observe the following:

  1. Google needs to find your website before it is able to send its Googlebots. Does your website have a sitemap submitted? Have you submitted your website to Google Webmaster Tools? These are simple actions that are worth doing.
  2. Your website structure: how is it organised? Can Google read the pages easily? Is the structure of the website easy to understand? Is the navigation simple to follow? Have you a pathway of internal links set up that connect all the different pages and create a pathway for the Googlebots?
  3. The content: are you using the right keywords? Are they the words your visitors will actually use to find their information? Are they positioned in the correct place in the text? And are you answering your visitors’ search queries with your content? Google’s algorithms will be scanning all this information and judging you on it.
  4. Have you given alt-tags to all your images? And made use of your keywords in them? This is what Google uses for scanning when it indexes and utilizes as part of the search returns. Even though it can’t necessarily see the image, it takes into account what terms you provide in the alt-tag.
  5. Site authority: do other websites find your content relevant enough to want to share with and link to you? And do you also refer your visitors to other useful information elsewhere on the internet?

A good review from Google on each of these three SEO fundamentals will mean you’ll get rewarded with a higher ranking in the search results. But always remember that the bottom line is that content is king. Focus on the whole website. You need good quality content for your website if it’s going to compete in the free search marketplace and if your pages are to be found by the visitors you are seeking to attract and convert. And what’s more, good website content will also help you achieve better results with paid for search engine marketing.

Do you want to know what you can do to ready your website for scanning and increase your site’s visibility in the search engine results?


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SEO Page Optimizer


Imagine if you could look at your website the way Google does, then you would probably discover areas in which your website needs work. SEO Page Optimizer is a tool we’ve created that helps you set up your webpage so that Google can read and review it properly. In addition, this tool provides detailed feedback on how your text behaves vis-à-vis those existing web pages that already have a high ranking in Google. Finally, you get tips on related keywords. As a result, your text will better match the information needs of your (intended) customers. Improve your text in response to SEO Optimizer’s advice, and you’ll get higher ranking in Google. 


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How the analysis program works


Google analyzes all pages that are on the Internet. When a search query is typed in, it turns its eyes to the web, looks at all of these pages and sets about scanning them to determine which website in its eyes best responds to the search. It does this on the basis of the above three pillars. SEO Page Optimizer, in turn, a powerful website analysis program do determine wich web pages are well-performing web pages. The result: A comprehensive report with tips on how to customize your webpage so that it gets even higher in Google. Right now, we’re giving everyone who registers with us a free webpage analysis per day. Check with our programme, SEO Page Optimizer. What does it do? It delivers you with a detailed report to inform you what you could change within your on-page content to get at least as high as Google’s top 30 rankings.


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An important part of search engine optimization is linkbuilding: those links to and from other relevant websites. A high-quality backlink profile will really help your rankings. But which websites are relevant and also have authority in Google’s eyes? And how do you earn links from those sites to yours? Keyboost helps you with that. The result: normally within four weeks your website ranks considerably higher in Google, in many cases reaching the first page. Want to know how Keyboost can improve your site’s link profile and get better rankings? Request a free trial. Using both our tools, you can improve your website on these three fundamentals on which Google judges all sites. Go to Keyboost right now, So you can attract more visitors and get more conversions.



Advertising with Google Ads for quick results


There is also Search Engine Marketing. Generally, you advertise through Google. You bid on the keywords that are important to you. When someone uses that keyword in Google, your ad will be shown. Most search engine marketing will basically be the same as Google Advertising.

What are the benefits?

  1. You can achieve short-term brand awareness and traffic to your site, even if your site is not yet highly ranked through its organic search engine results.
  2. With Google Advertising, you pay for clicks to your website, not for showing the ad. It can be cost-effective, especially as you can set a maximum budget.


What are the downsides and how to avoid them?

With search engine marketing, the main disadvantage is that when you stop, your findability in Google immediately drops. This means less traffic to your site. In addition, you can easily lose out in the battle for the best keywords, with all the financial consequences. The cost for the keywords you’re bidding on can change quickly if those keywords that drive traffic to your site through sponsored results suddenly become more popular. Google and similar search engines make their profit through a bidding strategy, with those companies that us a large budget for search engine marketing and that are willing to pay more for their ads and clicks getting greater exposure. The bids can become more expensive if news events or other circumstances such as increased competition drive up search engine traffic on the important keywords your company is targeting. Due to our years of expertise, we know exactly how an effective search engine marketing campaign works. We also always advise the added precaution of having a strong landing page that optimally converts via its keywords in itself. We can help you with the design and optimal on-page organisation of your content, with best SEO placement of keywords for this.


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Search engine marketing or search engine optimisation. Why the combination of both techniques is efficient


As described above, search engine optimization works well in the long run and costs are minimal. Search engine marketing, on the other hand, has a cost implication but gives immediate results in the search engines. So when you combine both techniques, you get the best of both worlds. Take advantage of our expertise on search engine matters and increase your online sales. If you choose to work with us, we’ll help you with the benefit of our long-established search engine expertise. Contact us today to discuss search engine marketing, website optimization and Google Advertising for your website. Email us at or call us directly at +44 3308 084797.


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