3 essential steps to SEO marketing


How does your website rank for your target keywords? If you’re using SEO correctly for the marketing of your website correctly, you’ll be on Google’s first page and perhaps even in the top three results. If you’re not, then there’s work to do. Follow our checklist below to improve your find-ability and increase the number of visitors to your site. Below we’ll focus on these three crucial areas:

  1. The pillars of SEO marketing
  3. Keywords and on-page placement
  5. Link-building



SEO marketing tactics


SEO or search engine optimization is in itself a form of marketing and arguably more effective than paid SEM (search engine marketing) or PPC. It’s the process of using solid SEO tactics for attracting natural or ‘organic’ traffic via the search engine results. The better your website’s SEO, the more likely you are to be getting eyeballs onto your website’s services or products. Search engines such as Google and Bing are the information-sorters of the Internet. Their vast systems gather in information about every single page on the web. Their purpose? To deliver up to people exactly what they are searching for. To do this, they use algorithms. For any website owner, search results are important. Obviously, the higher you can rank in Google’s search engine, the better you can market your site and the more visitors you’ll get to your webpages. The way to achieve these higher rankings and visibility is to ensure your site has all the elements Google’s looking for through its algorithmic ‘lens’. So what are these essential SEO elements?



Get your keywords in the right places


Keywords are the marketing tools of the Internet. Through keyword research, you can establish the ones that will be higher performing for the best visibility of your website . But there are certain places where you should prioritize placing them to highlight their importance to Google and the other search engines. Where are the most valuable SEO places?



Free optimization tool to get keyword placement spot on


Our free page analyzer tool offers a simple way to determine if you’re using your keywords in the best places for maximum performance. You can test out each page of your website by using this intelligent SEO tool. It’s straightforward to use and will allow you to tweak each of your web pages’ content for better SERPS results. It’s also free to use. The SEO Page Optimizer tool works by sending ‘bots’ that use the same processes as Google’s engine does to parse your website content. It then compares your webpage with the top 10 pages in Google’s search results for your target keyword phrase. It will evaluate your website content to recommend SEO improvements. Often a small SEO change such as using your keyword in a heading placement or more frequently in the body copy will give you a significant lift in ranking. You simply have to follow the advice it delivers and the SEO tool is free to use for one webpage analysis per day. Why not try its SEO power out on a page of your website now? You could start with your home page, for example, if this is your main landing page. You’ll quickly see exactly how your content is performing for SEO compared to your nearest competitors and what to do to shape it up.



Not sure which keywords you should be chasing for optimisation?


We offer an individualized free optimisation service to analyse your website for all the keywords that are most relevant to your site according to Google. The analysis will reveal the following information: • The number of potential customers searching for the products and/or services of your company per month. • The keyword term searches they use. • The current SERPs ranking of your website for those searches or keywords. • Our expert recommendations via link-building and keyword placement to boost your Google ranking. Request your free, no-obligation marketing analysis by clicking to go to our online application form.



Improve your SEO ranking with backlinks


Building up backlinks to your site is critical to SEO. Earning these should be part of your SEO marketing strategy. Links are important to get results in competitive search and win organic traffic. But to be effective, they should be quality links from sites that have a direct relevance to yours. By linking, a site is sending a signal to Google and visitors that the site is worth visiting. Creating strong engaging content that your visitors will value is the best way to build up these powerful SEO-boosting links. With them, shares, traffic, and recognition will follow.



Use our free backlinks service for quality link opportunities


The number and origin of your backlinks are used as a signal by search engines to measure the authority and popularity of your site. The more quality backlinks coming into your site, the better Google and other search engine will position you in the SERPs. But how do you earn those backlinks? We offer a customized backlinks opportunity SEO service called Keyboost which is free to trial. Behind it is our team of in-house technicians who work with you to understand your niche and goals to pinpoint your best backlinking opportunities. Although the results aren’t immediate (be wary of any service that promises instant ‘black hat’ results!), we’re proud that most Keyboost customers witness a marked difference in their SERPs ranking in under a month. Generally, using the Keyboost service, a site in the Google top 30 can achieve a top 10 search engine listing. When you sign up to Keyboost, our team will require from you, via our online form, your target keyword and the URL of your web page. They’ll delve into your website’s subject area and assess your competitors. Our staff base your new linking strategy on this information to determine the strongest sites in your niche area. They identify only genuine and relevant backlink opportunities that will be positive signals to Google. If you’d like to try it, it’s free to trial for one keyword string and one URL. Please note, we can only offer a free Keyboost test to you if your webpage’s SEO has earned it a top 100 position in Google for your target keyword phrase (ie. You type in your keyword and your website appears in the SERPs results in any of Google’s top 10 pages). Once you’ve seen for yourself that your SEO ranking has improved and you want further Keyboosts for more website pages, we’ll give you a quote. The costs are reasonable and in all instances far cheaper (and more effective) than using PPC such as Google Ads. Test out Keyboost for yourself now.



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