Attract more customers to your website The 3rd tip for a more efficient website: the objectives

No. 3 of 3 important tips: Carefully define the objectives of your website.


Be aware of the objectives of your website and aim at meeting the expectations of your visitors.


  • Objective of a webshop: convert visitors into customers
  • Objective of an informative website: offer info to visitors as efficiently as possible
  • Make sure that your contact information stands out!


Alongside main objectives, your website can also have secondary objectives, also keep these in mind


  • Visitors who request additional information via email,
  • Visitors who subscribe to a newsletter,
  • Visitors who pass on your website address to contacts through social media.



You are a wholesaler of plumbing equipment and your customers are professionals (target audience) with little time for and/or experience with computers and the internet.

  • Avoid moving and non-pertinent images, they are distractive (keep it simple)
  • Make sure your visitors can find what they are looking for in a few clicks (objective)
  • Commercial info is incidental, technical info is more important (objective)
  • Your customers are professionals that understand and appreciate the use of jargon (target audience)


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