Attract more customers to your website What determines the success of your website?

Useful tips for creating your website


This series of blog posts provides you with an opportunity to get even more results from your company’s website: more customers, more orders, more subscribers, etc.
Creating a good website and writing effective web copy is a genuine art. You can outsource it to iPower, but still retain complete control. After all, you are the authority on what your company could mean for the internet user who finds your website.



Two factors that determine the success of your website:


1. The amount of visitors


People find your website through search engines, external links, advertisements, other media, and so on. Search Engine Optimisation is an option for attracting more visitors.

Your Benefit: extra visitors equals more customers in the long run, more orders, etc.

‘The more, the better’ is not always the best standard: visitors will only find your website useful if they quickly find what they are looking for. Only then does your website deliver in terms of conversion.


2. Conversion


Conversion: the number of visitors that become customers, find the right information or get in touch with you. Conversion is achieved when your website reaches its objective. Objectives include:

  • Completing a (contact) form
  • Placing an order
  • Visiting a specific page
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Downloading a file

The quality of the website’s content will determine the level of conversion.


Your benefit: visitors won’t divert back to the Google search results, but will stay on your website, as they have found what they are looking for. They become new customers.


Example: compare your website to a shop

Your website is not just a calling card for your company. Rather, compare it to a shop: if it is set up correctly, clean and tidy, and offering an interesting range, you can be sure to not only attract more visitors, but also to turn these into new customers who buy your products.


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