The secrets of Google unraveled! The secrets of Google unraveled!

In order to determine whether a web page will rank high in the search results, Google looks at the following:


  • Content: Does your webpage score high in terms of the keyword used? Is the keyword repeated sufficiently, too little or too much? Are enough synonyms being used and what are these synonyms
  • Domain value: Is your website allocated a high value in Google? Are there sufficient links to your website? Are these links featured on other highly valued websites?
    These criteria will become even more essential with ‘tricky’ keywords, used by many other websites.


In the next mailing: How do you determine the number of people entering a specific search in Google each month? How can you extract keywords relevant for your web pages from this information ?

In the following installments: how can you optimise your webpages, even for more than one keyword? How can you increase the value of your website?


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