The secrets of Google unraveled! Using the right keywords

“My website is doing great in Google, simply enter my company’s name and you will find my website in a second.”


How many business managers fall mistakenly for this argument? Of course people that already know your company will immediately find your website through Google. However, the idea is to attract people who do NOT know your website, but who are looking for your products and/or services.



Good keywords are used in Google searches


Websites that score well are built around strong search words or keywords. What are strong keywords? Words – or word combinations – entered by internet users for searches in Google – in order to find products and/or services that are offered by your company.

Certainly you can come up with a few words that define your company’s activities. But are they suited as keywords? Will they be used for Google searches? It is futile to invest time and energy in keywords that aren’t being used as search words.



Check keywords in Google’s Keyword planner


Keyword Planner‘ – part of Google Ads, is an excellent tool for validating keywords. To be able to use Keyword planner, a Google Ads account is required.

Click here for a (short) manual on how to validate keywords using Keyword planner.


Next blog post: because they are so important: even more about strong keywords.

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